Monday, 20 July 2015

2015-16 Prediction League

The time is drawing close to the start of the new season so we are now taking applications for entry into this year's prediction league. The league set-up is the same as last year - congratulations to those of you who achieved promotion. The rules are the same also - all can be found on site here

If you predicted last year, then you are automatically enrolled (I've not yet set-up the leagues - watch this space). Please let me know, on this thread, if you no longer wish to play. Conversely, if you didn't predict last year, but want to this year, then let me know on the Kickback Forum.

The sponsorship ran out two years ago so there are no prizes. As such, there is sponsorship available. All we are looking for is for some decent prizes. Please give myself, or Baz, a shout via U2U if you would like to put forward a prize in exchange for some advertising on the Prediction site.


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