Monday, 31 October 2016

Season Diary - Week 13

We had one good result last week, and one not so good.

The midweek game against Hearts was one of the best performances we’ve seen from a Lee Clark side and the fans were raving about it…which set us up nicely for a fall against Glasgow’s newest team.

I am not going to go off the deep end about how bad we were at Ibrox; similarly, I didn’t go wild about the midweek win.

We have to find some middle ground, in terms of the team’s consistency, and the fans expectations.

We shouldn’t want Lee to get the keys to the town for a couple of good results, equally we shouldn’t want him removed when things are not so good, he has a lot to deal with and many before him failed to cope with a basket case board.

It seems some of the media are finally waking up to our club being slowly killed, not before time.

There is talk of a season ticket boycott for next term if MJ is not gone by the end of the year, its not something anyone wants to do but it could be the last throw of the dice if we ever want him gone and the club to be saved; if someone organises this this properly they can have my £300 right now, not just a pledge.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Season Diary - Week 12

We could have made it two in a row at Inverness on Saturday, but hesitation in defence cost us two points with only four minutes left on the clock.

Killie started brightly and when Coulibaly was bundled over the in box in the seventh minute, he stepped up and rattled home the resultant penalty.

I think it is fair to say that we had most of the play with Jones and Hendrie impressing again, but we sat too deep at times and that eventually cost us.

Having hit the bar twice in the second half we still had every right to feel aggrieved on the long journey home.

There was one bus traveled and a smattering of fans came via train and road; all this off field stuff with Johnston has really affected our support, which is probably why more than half our average home crowd has signed the petition for him to resign already.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Be The Boss - Allan Auld

Today's Boss is's own founding webmaster Allan Auld. A lifelong Killie fan who hails from Dundonald, and today resides in Atlanta, Georgia in the US of A. Allan started back in 1999 as the “Killie Experience” and changed the URL to in 2000, around the time that Baz was enlisted to come on board. The "Boss" attended his first Killie game back in 1969 (a 5-2 home win over Morton) and has been hooked ever since, including not missing a home game from 1971 thru 1982 (the year he left for the States). Since 2000 (sixteen years ago!) Allan has missed less than 10 matches where we have updated in “real-time” on match days. Enough of Allan’s’s what he’s thinking...

Inverness is never an easy place to go for Killie, and we haven’t won there since 2010 or thereabouts. The club, from an outsider looking in perspective, appears to be a complete shambles at the moment! With MJ hanging on for dear life to get his payday, he is creating a huge roadblock for fresh ideas, and much needed new investment into the club. So it is clear to see MJ puts himself first and NOT the club, hence all the petitions. I am just sick of all of it, and it disheartens me greatly. MJ please GTF! Sorry, got a bit off topic there! Back to Caley away this weekend.

Lee Clark has had few comments in the press as it relates to the backroom troubles at Killie so I don’t imagine our latest club director defection (Russel Smith) will have any impact on how he runs the team. That said with Kiltie being out one would have thought that George Green would have been “ready-made” to fill Greg’s role. Unfortunately, the scuttle butt on our forums have George back with his parent club Burnley in England, and none to chuffed on how he was treated at Killie by the club! Be on the look-out for his club suit (that he alleges players were made to pay for, although the club say different) being “up” on e-Bay soon! This could be Clark’s first two game winning streak since he arrived back in Feb, so I’m looking to keep changes to a minimum for this weekend’s Caley clash, although I’d like to find a way to bring in Boomer & Frizz!

Jamie McDonald: First name on the sheet. Gary Locke’s legacy lives on!

Luke Hendrie: Workman like.
Miles Addison: Like the Bob Seger song… “Like A Rock”
Scott Boyd: How can you drop last week’s match winner?
Greg Taylor: Getting better all the time. Should he want to retire right now he’s already in Killie folklore after that Barton tackle!

Rory McKenzie: Seems like he’s getting back to a bit of form, needs a goal soon to get him 100% back on track.
Gary Dicker: Tends to finish games stronger than he starts them, and that will definitely not work this week, so Lee needs to give him a boot up the arse at 2:55pm on Saturday.
Adam Fizzell: Played a blinder against Newco (not the 1-1 draw but the mid-week development game) and should be looking to become an automatic name on Clark’s team sheet.
Souleymane Couilaby: Going to tuck him in behind Boomer, and give him a number 10 freedom role.
Jordon Jones: As he can operate down either flank, I would have him switching sides with Rory all afternoon to drive the Caley defenders crazy!

Kris Boyd: Needs supply and more supply! Five decent balls into the box should yield at least one goal for Ayrshire’s finest!

Trust Statement 20-10-16

The Killie Trust are concerned to learn of the resignation of Russel Smith from the Kilmarnock FC Board this week. We feel that this displays quite publicly the ongoing disharmony which we believe exists amongst the directors. The Kilmarnock Football Club Supporters’ Association have since launched a petition requesting the immediate resignation of Michael Johnson from the club board. This petition has already gathered circa 1,000 signatures online and at various retail and licensed premises in the town within 24 hours; clearly there is a feeling of serious discontent in and around the entire organisation.

Mr Johnston has stated in the press that the club have recently completed a formal agreement with the Killie Trust, which could lead to the purchase of £100,000 in unallocated shares. The Trust can confirm that Heads of Terms were signed back in April, but that any potential purchase will hinge entirely on the results of the ongoing diligence process, which is taking far longer than anticipated, and the Trust members agreeing to go forward with the proposed “Trust in Killie” fund-raising initiative.

The TIK initiative will initially deliver a democratically elected fans representative on to the board to help and advise on the day to day running of the club, as well as give critical input from a fans’ perspective. Long term it will continue to deliver ongoing investment by the fans directly into the club and gradually work towards the support owning 51% of the shareholding to secure our existence for future generations and give our community a football club to be proud of again.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

KFCSA Petition

The Supporters' Association stepped up the pressure on former Club Chairman Michael Johnston at the weekend when they launched a petition calling for his resignation from the board.

You can sign the petition at various locations throughout the town; Mac's Bar, Burns Inn, Howard Arms, Coffee Press, Rainbow Ink for starters.

There are petition sheets at the premises of all the aforementioned, with more to follow, and there will be an opportunity to sign the petition on match days as well.

There are plans afoot to broaden the the campaign by expanding the petition on line but at this point that option is currently not in place.

If you wish to help by putting the petition somewhere you think Killie fans will be able to sign it then please get in contact with any of the KFCSA committee.

UPDATE 18/10/16

The online version of the petition is now live please CLICK HERE

Monday, 17 October 2016

Season Diary - Week 11

For once the international break seems to have done us some good.

Miles ‘Tank’ Addison has returned and added some stability to the defence and we managed to keep a clean sheet on Saturday in an unlikely win up at Perth.

We started slowly but improved through the game as we started to play the ball on the deck, Hendrie particularly in my opinion looked impressive going forward.

Jones was a constant threat and must have played his way into the team that will start at Inverness, likewise Martin Smith who showed a tenacity that we need in the team right now.

The KFCSA have launched a petition against the pariah Johnston and you can sign that in a few places around town and eventually on line, hopefully this is just an indication of things to come and moves against him will escalate in the near future…this is one battle we can’t afford to lose.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Weekend preview

This weekend now has only the 17s and Seniors in action.

After a disappointing no show from East Kilbride U13s - the Killie coaches, players , parents and supporters were all set up ready to go but were left disappointed.

Anyway looking ahead to Sunday's matches the 17s are away to Rutherglen girls with a 4pm ko at the Palace of Art. This is the first part of a double header against the Glens. We are hoping to follow on last weekend's 1-0 win a result against Glasgow Girls.

The senior ladies welcome Hearts 23s to Rugby Park 2.30pm for our second meeting of the season. In the first game between ourselves and the Edinburgh side, we came out on top with a good 10-3 victory in the Capital. However, we are expecting a tougher game this time around.

We are high in confidence going into this game on the back of a 2-1 away win against a much improved Spartans team. Due to a huge injury list our squad was down to the bare bones and we actually played the match with only ten players. The girls showed great character and resilience to not only win, but create many more chances than their opponents.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Season Diary - Week 10

Killie fans were gutted this week to find out that Greg Kiltie may be out for the rest of the season.

He had an operation in London at the weekend which at best will see him side-lined until April at the very earliest.

His creativity and application are going to be badly missed, we need a fit Kiltie.

The new inductees to the hall of fame were Stuart McLean, Eddie Morrison, Ray Montgomerie, Manuel Pascali, James Fowler and Tommy McLean.

The dinner in the Halfright Hotel was not well attended and you have to wonder how much that is to do with the current reaction of the fans to events on and off the park.

Two or three years in and about twenty-two inductees, too many if you ask me, it has to be more exclusive to reflect the gravity of the award.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

10 man killie win in Edinburgh

Spartans Res 1-2 Kilmarnock Ladies

This was not going to be an easy one for the killie Girls - travelling to Edinburgh with only eleven players and even then, that included two goalkeepers.

The team started the game with only 10 players, and regular keeper Morgan Hunter starting up front.  Killie began the game strongly maintaining good possession with some excellent passing from Ponton, creating three clear chances in the opening minutes. Docherty firing wide of the post before hitting another straight at the keeper then an excellent piece of play that resulted in her striking the post.

However,  Killie were persistent and continued to cause Spartans problems. Robinson, Ponton and Patterson working tirelessly in the middle of the park. Eventually Abby Robinson put in an excellent cross to the back post which Clare Docherty comfortably headed into the back of the net. Killie went in a goal to the good at half time with Spartans causing little trouble.

Spartans came out strong in the second half, putting Killie under a lot of pressure giving them little time to control and pass the ball. With Kilmarnock starting to tire, Spartans eventually got a break with a super curling shot from the striker, high into the corner from the edge of the box 1-1.

This only pushed Kilmarnock to work even harder and the away side were creating chances but were unable to finish the tie.

However, with 10 minutes to go Robinson split the defence with a fantastic ball through to Docherty who passed the ball round the keeper and in the net from the edge of the box. 2-1 the final score.

The Kilmarnock defence were solid from the beginning with Rolph, Neil and Mailey working extremely hard as a back three. Docherty and Munro worked consistently up and down the line providing the defence with excellent support. The middle of the park dominated the game and Morgan Hunter gave 100% from the beginning up front.
The girls showed real determination and team spirit and fully deserved the win. This was a spirited performance against the odds, one that may just galvanise this squad and give them the belief in themselves.

Match report courtesy of K Murphy

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Be The Boss - Martin Le Roy

Today's Boss is's own Martin Le Roy. Long time Killie fan and member of the website, Martin has designed Killie strips, the new logo and chips in with our other graphics too...but the highlight of his career was becoming a moderator of the Killie Kickback forums. Okay, that's a lot of pish, but still, we know him, we asked him, and he's going to have no idea why...

I don’t get to games very much these days but I was back up last weekend for my dad’s birthday and treated the old fella to the game, a pie and a Bovril. Just like the pie, Killie have turned into a poor incarnation of their former selves. The Aberdeen game was a tough watch. That’s 11 in a row for Aberdeen now and there wasn’t really anything there to suggest that the trend will be reversed any time soon. I don’t know why they’ve asked me to be the boss this week. I don’t even live in Scotland. Along with last week, I only have this season’s two Newcastle & North East Supporters Club meetings to go on (Berwick & Rangers on TV) so expect some extra special dubious opinion.

Our trip to 4th placed St Johnstone this weekend doesn't look like it will be any easier for us. The Perth side have racked up three wins in their last four league games and look to be serious contenders for a European spot some the end of the season. But it just seems to me like one of those games where we’ll go there and get something. We certainly aren’t playing pretty at the moment; those days are long gone, but with Coulibaly scoring screamers and Boyd occasionally winding back the years, there is also the chance of grabbing something out of the blue.

This season could well end up being a Coulibaly highlights reel, but if it’s got enough clips then we might well end up outside the relegation spots. Oh great, as I’m writing this, Kiltie’s out for the season. Nah, I take all that back, we’re going to lose and this is the team to do it... 

Is it about time we gave Devlin Mackay a chance? No. Jamie McDonald first name on the sheet. I don’t know what else to say. He’s got long arms and can stop balls from going past him and that’s what I like in keeper.

Four at the back, nothing fancy. Johnny Burn and Scott Boyd in the middle. I don’t know if Miles Addison is fully fit yet but when he came on against Aberdeen I didn’t see anything of note. If Greg Kiltie is out because we rushed him back in, let’s keep Miles on the bench for just now. Greg Taylor (unless Smith is back) and Luke Hendrie out wide in the full back positions. 

Well, where to even start. Jordan Jones should play from the start. If I took anything from the Aberdeen game it was that. I’m not even sure who else played on Saturday. Jones was the only midfielder who looked to run at opponents and get into space. Billy basic stuff but nobody else was doing it. Nathan Tyson has also shown glimpses of the basics from what I’ve seen so I’ll put Jones out left and Tyson on the right. But on the picture, make them look a wee bit further forward so it looks more attacking. And draw bigger eyebrows on Jones so he looks more scary. Use a random name generator on the middle two [we did, you're getting Gary Dicker and Charleeeee Adams], doesn’t make any difference.

Boyd playing slightly ahead of Coulibaly. I think it speaks volumes about the position we’re in when I’m setting up my strikers with the intention of either scoring a 35 yard worldie or a tap in from five yards.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Season Diary - Week 09

We were outclassed by a better team again on Saturday and from the penalty that should never have been, there was no way back.

No real excuses I suppose, but we can’t afford to change the manager every time we go through a bad spell because they are all too often in the past few years and, at the expense of sounding like a broken record, the crap starts at the top and rolls downhill.

The protest against Michael Gonesoon never amounted to much as he suspiciously never turned up and many fans had wandered away after the fourth goal went in.

I think the KFCSA should play a stronger role in any future planned event because you get nowhere if you are not organised.

Interesting to see all the potential investors in the directors’ box instead of MJ, a sign of things to come?