Monday, 17 October 2016

Season Diary - Week 11

For once the international break seems to have done us some good.

Miles ‘Tank’ Addison has returned and added some stability to the defence and we managed to keep a clean sheet on Saturday in an unlikely win up at Perth.

We started slowly but improved through the game as we started to play the ball on the deck, Hendrie particularly in my opinion looked impressive going forward.

Jones was a constant threat and must have played his way into the team that will start at Inverness, likewise Martin Smith who showed a tenacity that we need in the team right now.

The KFCSA have launched a petition against the pariah Johnston and you can sign that in a few places around town and eventually on line, hopefully this is just an indication of things to come and moves against him will escalate in the near future…this is one battle we can’t afford to lose.

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