Thursday, 6 October 2016

Be The Boss - Martin Le Roy

Today's Boss is's own Martin Le Roy. Long time Killie fan and member of the website, Martin has designed Killie strips, the new logo and chips in with our other graphics too...but the highlight of his career was becoming a moderator of the Killie Kickback forums. Okay, that's a lot of pish, but still, we know him, we asked him, and he's going to have no idea why...

I don’t get to games very much these days but I was back up last weekend for my dad’s birthday and treated the old fella to the game, a pie and a Bovril. Just like the pie, Killie have turned into a poor incarnation of their former selves. The Aberdeen game was a tough watch. That’s 11 in a row for Aberdeen now and there wasn’t really anything there to suggest that the trend will be reversed any time soon. I don’t know why they’ve asked me to be the boss this week. I don’t even live in Scotland. Along with last week, I only have this season’s two Newcastle & North East Supporters Club meetings to go on (Berwick & Rangers on TV) so expect some extra special dubious opinion.

Our trip to 4th placed St Johnstone this weekend doesn't look like it will be any easier for us. The Perth side have racked up three wins in their last four league games and look to be serious contenders for a European spot some the end of the season. But it just seems to me like one of those games where we’ll go there and get something. We certainly aren’t playing pretty at the moment; those days are long gone, but with Coulibaly scoring screamers and Boyd occasionally winding back the years, there is also the chance of grabbing something out of the blue.

This season could well end up being a Coulibaly highlights reel, but if it’s got enough clips then we might well end up outside the relegation spots. Oh great, as I’m writing this, Kiltie’s out for the season. Nah, I take all that back, we’re going to lose and this is the team to do it... 

Is it about time we gave Devlin Mackay a chance? No. Jamie McDonald first name on the sheet. I don’t know what else to say. He’s got long arms and can stop balls from going past him and that’s what I like in keeper.

Four at the back, nothing fancy. Johnny Burn and Scott Boyd in the middle. I don’t know if Miles Addison is fully fit yet but when he came on against Aberdeen I didn’t see anything of note. If Greg Kiltie is out because we rushed him back in, let’s keep Miles on the bench for just now. Greg Taylor (unless Smith is back) and Luke Hendrie out wide in the full back positions. 

Well, where to even start. Jordan Jones should play from the start. If I took anything from the Aberdeen game it was that. I’m not even sure who else played on Saturday. Jones was the only midfielder who looked to run at opponents and get into space. Billy basic stuff but nobody else was doing it. Nathan Tyson has also shown glimpses of the basics from what I’ve seen so I’ll put Jones out left and Tyson on the right. But on the picture, make them look a wee bit further forward so it looks more attacking. And draw bigger eyebrows on Jones so he looks more scary. Use a random name generator on the middle two [we did, you're getting Gary Dicker and Charleeeee Adams], doesn’t make any difference.

Boyd playing slightly ahead of Coulibaly. I think it speaks volumes about the position we’re in when I’m setting up my strikers with the intention of either scoring a 35 yard worldie or a tap in from five yards.

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