Thursday, 20 October 2016

Be The Boss - Allan Auld

Today's Boss is's own founding webmaster Allan Auld. A lifelong Killie fan who hails from Dundonald, and today resides in Atlanta, Georgia in the US of A. Allan started back in 1999 as the “Killie Experience” and changed the URL to in 2000, around the time that Baz was enlisted to come on board. The "Boss" attended his first Killie game back in 1969 (a 5-2 home win over Morton) and has been hooked ever since, including not missing a home game from 1971 thru 1982 (the year he left for the States). Since 2000 (sixteen years ago!) Allan has missed less than 10 matches where we have updated in “real-time” on match days. Enough of Allan’s’s what he’s thinking...

Inverness is never an easy place to go for Killie, and we haven’t won there since 2010 or thereabouts. The club, from an outsider looking in perspective, appears to be a complete shambles at the moment! With MJ hanging on for dear life to get his payday, he is creating a huge roadblock for fresh ideas, and much needed new investment into the club. So it is clear to see MJ puts himself first and NOT the club, hence all the petitions. I am just sick of all of it, and it disheartens me greatly. MJ please GTF! Sorry, got a bit off topic there! Back to Caley away this weekend.

Lee Clark has had few comments in the press as it relates to the backroom troubles at Killie so I don’t imagine our latest club director defection (Russel Smith) will have any impact on how he runs the team. That said with Kiltie being out one would have thought that George Green would have been “ready-made” to fill Greg’s role. Unfortunately, the scuttle butt on our forums have George back with his parent club Burnley in England, and none to chuffed on how he was treated at Killie by the club! Be on the look-out for his club suit (that he alleges players were made to pay for, although the club say different) being “up” on e-Bay soon! This could be Clark’s first two game winning streak since he arrived back in Feb, so I’m looking to keep changes to a minimum for this weekend’s Caley clash, although I’d like to find a way to bring in Boomer & Frizz!

Jamie McDonald: First name on the sheet. Gary Locke’s legacy lives on!

Luke Hendrie: Workman like.
Miles Addison: Like the Bob Seger song… “Like A Rock”
Scott Boyd: How can you drop last week’s match winner?
Greg Taylor: Getting better all the time. Should he want to retire right now he’s already in Killie folklore after that Barton tackle!

Rory McKenzie: Seems like he’s getting back to a bit of form, needs a goal soon to get him 100% back on track.
Gary Dicker: Tends to finish games stronger than he starts them, and that will definitely not work this week, so Lee needs to give him a boot up the arse at 2:55pm on Saturday.
Adam Fizzell: Played a blinder against Newco (not the 1-1 draw but the mid-week development game) and should be looking to become an automatic name on Clark’s team sheet.
Souleymane Couilaby: Going to tuck him in behind Boomer, and give him a number 10 freedom role.
Jordon Jones: As he can operate down either flank, I would have him switching sides with Rory all afternoon to drive the Caley defenders crazy!

Kris Boyd: Needs supply and more supply! Five decent balls into the box should yield at least one goal for Ayrshire’s finest!

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