Monday, 21 March 2016

Season Diary - Week 34

We asked for fight last week and we got it, although sadly we still didn’t get any points. I have no problem admitting when we deserve to lose, but the best team didn’t win on Saturday and I’m sure that even Celtic fans will concede that.

A fitter looking Faubert was everywhere and linked up well with Dicker. Boyd was unlucky on a few occasions but will struggle due to lack of matches and absence of punch up front was part of the reason we lost the game, the other of course was the worldie in the last minute that no one could have stopped.

It looked like our tea was out when Hamilton went ahead later that afternoon, but they eventually lost and Dundee United could only scrape a draw in their derby game on Sunday so we got off lightly.
My humble opinion is that we changed managers too late and other results will conspire against us, we can but hope that Clark’s bravado will stand us in good stead in the play offs, I’m starting to think we can do it.

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