Monday, 18 April 2016

Season Diary - Week 38

Another blank week in the SPFL fixtures list but we don’t do boring at the Theatre of Pies…or should that be the ex-Theatre of Pies? I better not mention the ‘K’ word for fear of reproach!

You honestly could not make some of this stuff up, I am not going to regurgitate all the details but suffice to say that our ‘leadership’, and I use the term loosely, has made us a laughing stock once again while ensuring that we get no further investment from another long-time sponsor.

Take the money for nothing on the proviso that we can still sell K*llie Pies at Rugby Park, it’s the only place we sell them anyway, end of story. If only.

They follow that up with advertising an early licence the Sports Bar (which according to the AGM notes no longer contributes to the club) has got to show some tin pot match in Glasgow, cue even more hilarity and disgust at our expense.

Never mind all that they said in a statement this week, concentrate on the games ahead…not deflecting or patronising in the least of course.

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