Monday, 11 September 2017

2017-18 Diary Week 06

To say the natives are getting restless would be an understatement, the old internet is ringing out for Lee McCulloch’s head as the bad results continue.

This won’t be popular but I say that it is still too early to press the panic button.

Maybe after the Dundee and Ross County games I’ll reconsider!

One thing is certain though, there are a lot of so-called professionals who need a right good kick up the arse, and a lesson on what it means to play for the mighty Kilmarnock FC.

The current squad should have been at the Stars of ’97 lunch on Sunday and had the chance to speak to ex-players who would have run through brick walls for us.

You can bet if Monty had been on the piano it would have been Paper Roses all the way!

The club as a whole lacks leadership…it’s time to bring in Davie Mackinnon or someone of that ilk to help us steady the ship.

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