Wednesday, 3 January 2018

2017-18 Diary Week 22

It looks like the tactic to take on the new improved Killie is quite simply to keep the ball away from Mulumbu, Dicker and Power!

Or if you are Hamilton just make a fist of keeping your pitch playable.

We really missed the Wolf (Brophy) at Easter Road and it upset the rhythm of the team, but it takes more than that to stop Boomer scoring.

Hibs dominated without a doubt but we defended resolutely and only a mistake by Jamie Mac let them in. It was a bad one but the fans got right behind him and his gratitude was plain to see.

Story of the day though was the Howard’s Samo ‘abducting’ an Australian and taking him to the game where the Burns’ lads got him in and showed him the ropes...despite their bus breaking down!

Great teamwork and solid work by the 20/20 keeping Harley away from the dark side.

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