Monday, 19 February 2018

2017-18 Diary Week 29

No jinx then and we hit the seven wins at home by beating Dundee, not the easy way, but it was a real spectacle for the fans…the referee could have done with some as well.

It’s all about the fighting spirit these days and that showed again at the weekend.

We struggled to make a breakthrough against a dogged Motherwell side, but we never really looked in any danger.

JJ wasn’t having any luck at all but his triple ‘meg had the fans delighted and showed what he is capable of, you can expect to see that going viral.

Likewise, Stephen O’Donnell, they were coming down his side all game and trying to wear him down, then up he pops with his second goal in a week.

He’ll be getting a call up from the new Scotland manager (god bless you Alex McLeish) before we know it.

We are a veritable juggernaut these days, it’s great to be giving other teams the fear.

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