Saturday, 26 September 2015

Half Time v Hamilton

It is probably fair to say that we have had the best of the first half...although had it not been for an outstanding save by the returning McDonald it might have been a different story. World class save from where I sit anyway, only the highlights will confirm that.

Kiltie had a great chance early doors getting one on one with their 'keeper coming in from the right hand corner of the box, but the wee man skelped the ball off his legs. We did have another good attempt at the half hour mark with Tope playing a ball in from a similar area, but the ball deflected wide.

The breakthrough followed minutes later and it was young Kiltie again, coming in from the left this time. If we don't get him under contract soon we will end up having to pay far more than we are refusing to stump up now...or lose him. The opportunity arose when the wingers switched side, a tactical boost by Locke?

Killie are playing some great stuff, especially Kiltie and O'Hara...Hamilton appear to be concentrating on moaning at the ref. Some things never change. Here's hoping we don't have the same kind of second half as Wednesday.

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