Monday, 28 September 2015

Season Diary - Week 9

It was double trouble last week for us as we failed to progress in the cup and lost yet another home league match. We seem to be a first half team this year with decent displays in the first 45 minutes of both games, only to be undone in the latter half of the game.

We have been chopping and changing things at the back on a regular basis and it seems to be taking effect as we can’t seem to defend as a unit and leave far too much space for the opposition to penetrate which inevitably leads to losing goals.

Going forward we seem to have gotten our act together with Josh finally looking a bit more potent and Kiltie at the heart of anything productive…but we are still scoring less than we are conceding and that only leads to more heartache for the fans. Congratulations to the Hamilton squad on winning their collective black belt for moaning and time wasting, some things never change.

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