Monday, 15 February 2016

Season Diary - Week 29

We kept it simple at Fir Park and weathered the expected storm in our stride in the first half. Come the second half we stepped up a gear and gave a truer reflection of the potential we have in the squad to take control and emerge as winners. Credit to McCulloch and Leven for steadying the ship and is good to know they will still be there to advise new gaffer Lee Clark when he takes the reigns properly next week.

I have deliberately not read any press about Lee's previous endeavours so that my judgement is not clouded by his past. He starts with a clean slate and as always, I am sure that the majority of Killie fans will be right behind him and fingers crossed that the new “Killie Way” will be a winning one.

This copy is submitted prior to Tuesday’s cup tie so if you are reading this in the Scotsman on Wednesday we will know the result by now. My prediction is a tight game, a dodgy referee, thousands of teddy bears in the wrong end and no giant killing act with Ayrshire’s finest easing through 1-0. How wrong can I be?

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