Monday, 22 February 2016

Season Diary - Week 30

It would appear that inevitably called the cup game wrong and we were edged out by the new boys in injury time. I’m surprised there was not more injury time considering how “unforgiving” our pitch is.

Dozens of seven-foot-tall rugby players bounced around on it with carefree abandon the previous night, but Princess Waghorn encountered his proverbial pea at some point amidst throwing himself to ground for a penalty, getting up to score it, running around celebrating and getting jumped all over by his team mates.

Must have been the artificial turf then.

Despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary, Warbuton has decreed that forthwith all pitches must adhere to his strict guidelines, this is what we have to look forward to next year, possibly.

On to Saturday and Lee’s first game in charge, all I can say is that we were four goals and one point better off than when Dundee last visited the Theatre of Pies, and that’s after just three training sessions…so far so good then!

Like the previous couple of games we have faded in last twenty minutes or so and Clark has quite rightly identified this as a problem which he will try and address.

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