Thursday, 18 August 2016

Be The Boss - Alan Green

What can we say about big Aldo? Quite a lot as it happens, but a fair amount of that may not be family friendly! The boy Green is a "weel kent face" about Rugby Park and about the town, as is the case when you are one of Royal Mail's finest. A season ticket holder, Aldo also travels to away matches with the Howard Arms bus when he can, and he's visited/slept in most stadiums around Scotland and on many a pre-season tour into the bargain. We thought we'd give Killie's best postie since Jim Wilson a shot of being the Boss as he's a bit out of practice since fiancée Lou moved in, here's what the professor had to say...

The formation I am going with is a 3-4-1-2.

Jamie McDonald - Jamie has been a wee bit shaky so far but easily our number 1 by a country mile.

Will Boyle - Seems to be getting up to speed with our game up here and could be another Frazer Wright who also liked a head knock.
Miles Addison - No nonsense tank who could be vulnerable against a quick player but in my opinion should be captain and a real presence on the pitch.
Jonny Burn - I haven't seen much of the lad but he looks a solid, athletic guy who could be an asset to a three man defence.

Jordan Jones - The best signing Lee Clark has made and I think could play as a wing back if our three centre halves work well.
Martin Smith - After a slow start he is starting to show his worth and could form a good partnership with Dicker.
Gary Dicker - Our most experienced midfielder who on his day can win us a game with a pass. A few goals from him would help though.
Stevie Smith - Naturally left footed and should be on the left side. If we can get a right back sorted I would be delighted. Stevie could also work well as wingback as could young Taylor.

George Green - Eh I could hardly leave out my namesake could I? I liked the look of the lad at Hamilton considering he had just arrived so think he is worth a shot just behind the front two.

Kris Boyd - For obvious reasons Biydie would be my main man up top. He has been fantastic in the last two games and has the build and talent at set pieces etc.
Souleymane Coulibaly - The wee man is a work horse that ain't afraid to shoot. Far from the finished article but working alongside Boyd they could forge a very good partnership.

Oliver Davies, Rory McKenzie, Greg Kiltie (if fit) or Adam Frizzell (if not), Callum McFadzean, Mark Waddington, James Cobain, Greg Taylor.

This is a real honour for me and one of the highlights of my 28 years supporting 'the mighty'. Thanks tae ma auld pal Baz for the chance and even if my team is duff, I am still proud to have had the chance to 'be the boss'!


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