Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Season Diary - Week 04

Not many would have predicted Friday’s starting line-up for sure, but Lee Clark called it and it certainly seemed to work up to a point, so plaudits to him for that.

Despite facing a what is seen as a ‘new’ club to the league I would still have given my right hand for a draw before the match considering our form of late but I can’t now help but feel that we dropped two points.

Had we finished all our chances and the referee been a bit fairer then the game could have been over bar the shouting in the first half.

That’s not the way things work though and we struggled a bit in the second culminating in the sending of young Greg Taylor, quite rightly to be fair, but the defence were resolute and could do nothing to stop that free kick sailing in so the young guns (and Boydie) ended up having to settle for a draw.

Food for thought for the critics!

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