Tuesday, 27 September 2016

KFCSA Statement 27-9-16

In light of the articles in the press over the past few days, where it was alleged that former chairman Michael Johnston has turned down an offer of £1.9million (one million nine hundred thousand pounds) for his shareholding on condition that he leaves Kilmarnock Football Club; the Committee of KFCSA urge Mr Johnston to do the right thing for Scotland’s oldest professional club.

It is the opinion of the vast majority of supporters that Mr Johnston's continued presence at the club is a severe handicap to our club's future progress. The football club needs to move forward and it now appears that Mr Johnston remaining at the club is a major stumbling block to this happening.

Mr Johnston's time at the football club is over and he should realise that if he actually wants what is best for the company and club which is Kilmarnock FC Limited, then he must do the honourable thing and at least leave the Club Board.

The committee of KFCSA hope that all interested parties can bring matters to a speedy conclusion as a protracted dispute is likely to have a detrimental impact on the club's management and also the team's efforts in important matches.

KFCSA is monitoring the position closely and expects to issue a further statement in the next few days.

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