Monday, 19 September 2016

Season Diary - Week 07

I remember the Jags visiting us not so long ago and giving us a real doing, 2-5 was it?

Not so much this time with the mighty going ahead twice, first with an opportune strike from Boomer and the second from Coulibaly, yet again, finding the net.

Defensively we do seem to be stronger, but not strong enough to easily hold a lead.

Captain Smith went off injured early doors and we played the majority of the game with Hendrie at left back (who did well) and midfielder Hawkshaw in at right back.

Despite that it is the midfield where we seem to be lacking; there is something just not right there, and while we have Kiltie still to come back and give us some creativity, we could do with someone to put his foot on the ball and splay about some passes while Dicker is off the boil.

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