Sunday, 5 March 2017

Season Diary - Week 31

Lee showed some consistency in not changing his starting line-up this week, and I’m going to show some by reiterating my belief that we should give him until the end of the season and only then make a decision on whether it suits him and suits us.

We were slow out of the blocks on Saturday but as soon as we started playing the ball on the deck we were all over Motherwell and should have been three ahead going into the break.

The opposition shuffled the pack at the interval though and we never reacted which turned the game, and the score line, in their favour.

Although Boomer consolidated his credentials with his 200th top flight goal, I’d have replaced him earlier just to give them something different to think about.

Hindsight of course is a great thing, maybe next time the sun makes an appearance Woodman will wear a bunnet!

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