Monday, 20 March 2017

Season Diary - Week 33

For half an hour against the Jags it looked like we were going to give them a real doing, then we just seemed to cave.

The players went about their business with a real sense of purpose in the early stages of the game but when nothing came off we started punting high balls to a forlorn Boomer, and you know when that happens its normally goodnight Vienna.

Longstaff was being pushed off the ball too easily and big Conor literally looked like a fish out of water at times, we were not at the races and heading for certain defeat with a matter of minutes to go.

Credit to the players though for not giving up when most of us had.

A speculative effort by the floundering Sammon was helped into the net by Cerny in the Thistle goal and suddenly it was payback time again for the many times we’ve been robbed.

The fans rallied after we lost the goal, the players responded albeit we were more lucky than good, still, more vocal support wouldn’t go wrong.

Also nice to see us having first choice full backs for a change. Hendrie and Taylor are now first picks in everyone's "Boss" teams, despite both formerly plying their trade in midfield.

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