Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Season Dairy - Week 37

Control. Such an important factor in all things football and it seems to be something that we sorely lack.

The Trust in Killie initiative launch went well on Friday night. That is about having control of our own future and safeguarding the club for generations to come.

On the park, it seems to have given way for power and athleticism and it is frustrating to watch at times.

Let’s be honest though, despite another clean sheet and a point against a top six team, Friday’s draw with Hearts was devoid of much skill or excitement. It wasn't the worst I've seen by far but it was a bit of a yawn-fest.

Watching countless players either lumping the ball up the park or running straight at the opposition until such times as someone steps in and takes the ball off them or they crash straight into them is a wee bit tedious.

Both teams were guilty of this, both teams failed to score with us failing to get a single shot on target.

Still, we have a young team, they are still learning, let’s keep our moaning to the forums and get behind them on match days.

I happened to be in a local hostelry on Easter Sunday when the Manchester United versus Chelsea match was on...and found the missing Killie generation!

Dozens of young lads in their late teens and early twenties, shouting and cheering at the TV box like they'd been born in Blackley or in the shadow of Stamford Bridge, many of whom, from their comments it would appear, have never seen a live match in their puff.

Sickening it was. I can't remember seeing one of those faces at any Killie games, never mind the Hearts game less that 48 hours previous.

I suppose you can't blame these sons of Sky as they have been spoon fed the self-appointed 'greatest league in the world' from an early age while the SPFL and SFA have steadfastly refused to accept change or the fact that we need to do better to keep fans interested and attract new blood.

I appreciate it can be good to watch some of the most skilful players in the world, given what's happening in our game, but I fail to understand the show of allegiance and loyalty to teams which are literally in another country, from the one we should be taking an interest and a pride in.

Things have to change or this won't be the last generation that goes missing.

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