Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Be The Boss - Tam Gallacher

That's GallaCHer not GallaGHer, just to keep you right. Our man TG, midfield powerhouse for the Kickin' Squirrels back in the day, has risen to the challenge set by Davie Morris last week and has taken the hot seat for the first post split match away to Hamilton. With at least a win or two needed at this stage it is a crucial match and as far we we are aware, everyone who is fit is eligible to play so he has a sizeable squad to choose from....


Freddie Woodman - He's a decent 'keeper and as much as I rate Jamie Mac I think it would be a mistake to swap him out at this important stage of the season

Luke Hendrie - Consistent, look how we struggled when he was suspended. Decent coming forward, probably due to him spending a lot of his time in midfield.

Gary Dicker - A tad controversial as we have cover for this position in Scott Boyd, but this is a no-lose game and when Dicker plays in there we invariably don't lose (unless its against the great unwashed).

Kristoffer Ajer - Young but wise beyond his years and obviously a student of the game. Has the pace to recover if he makes a mistake, not that he makes many.

Greg Taylor - Another youngster who doesn't look out of place in the first team. Far from the finished article of course but he'll only get better the more he plays, certainly doesn't lack confidence and is not scared to go in for a challenge as that toss-pot Barton found out.

Iain Wilson - With Dicker back in defence Wilson is probably the next in line to step into his midfield role, just in front of the back four, soaking up pressure and looking to connect with other players. We've seen he's not scared to pass the ball back or to the side to retain possession if nothing else is on, some people don't like that but if you have the ball then the other team can't score and as long as he's not giving it away needlessly then it's fine by me.

Conor Sammon - Not his natural position but he's awkward for defenders to deal with (polite way of saying he's all arms and legs at times) and has a bit of pace hence I've put him out wide.

Sean Longstaff - We need to see some more creativity from Longstaff, he's been fading out of games too early, I'd give him one more chance though and this is it.

Jordan Jones - Like Sammon has quick feet and can cause mayhem out wide when he's on form, when he's not on form he can fall out of the game a bit, the presence of Kiltie should give him an outlet.

Greg Kiltie - What a difference this boy makes to the team, he seems to up the whole team's tempo and he's been sorely missed. Doesn't look to have lost anything after a long lay off but he may still be off the pace a bit in terms of fitness. I'm giving him a forward role to support the main striker as he's always a threat himself if there are any knock-ons to be had.

Kris Boyd - No words needed for the big man.

This is not necessarily a must-win game, but as I said earlier, it is definitely a must-not-lose game so we have to keep things tight and close Accies down as much as possible, without reverting to long balls and by-passing the midfield. I'm challenging my assistant (and driver) Andy Clark to take the hot seat next week when I'm otherwise engaged.

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