Monday, 1 May 2017

Season Diary - Week 39

I don’t know exactly how often we hear in the media about how ‘bad’ our support is, but it is all too frequent.

Hamilton reported that we had just under half of the 2,482 attendance, but in all honesty, when you consider that there were many Killie fans in the main stand as well, there were probably more of us than them; which merited not one mention.

The fantastic support was rewarded with a goal from a cool corner, the fish putting another one in the net, and notice was posted that we now have the ability to win ugly…possibly for the first time since Stevie Fulton retired.

Dicker was outstanding in a resolute defence as both he and Freddie Fingers pulled out all the stops to ensure a clean sheet, leaving us a whisker from guaranteed safety.

We should really try and clone the Irishman, because he’s sorely missed in the midfield when he’s deputising at the back! I'm delighted to see him extend his contract.

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