Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Season Diary - Week 43

The season is well and truly over for us but the football continues with cup finals at all levels and internationals on the horizon.

I may or may not continue the season diary until such times as it is due back in the Scotsman, but if I miss a few here and there I don’t think anyone will mind…be warned, no 140-word restriction on rambling!

I was in to purchase my new season ticket the other day and the ladies in the shop tell me that they are going like proverbial hotcakes with many ‘new’ purchasers and many whom have returned from their self-imposed exile.

That’s great news, but it will take a long time to undo what has been done to our club and let’s not kid ourselves on that we will start getting massive crowds any time soon.

A manager would be nice though, and a chairman.

We do however have a new CEO as ex-club secretary Kirsten Callaghan steps into the breach once more…a great Killie fan and I wish her all the best.

Looking at the board room situation I can’t help but think that we could be doing with a Director of Football type person in there, quickly, so we can be on our toes for next season.

What we need is leadership and someone with some gravitas and football knowledge that can help the directors and the fans during this transitional period.

John Kiltie has intimated to the KFCSA that there could possibly be another appointment announced in the near future, but not who it is or what they are doing, I really hope they have nailed it because getting the right person on board is crucial.

Go get your season tickets if you haven’t already, and join the Trust and subscribe to the Trust in Killie initiative…I’m in!

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