Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Season Diary - Week 11

It seems a bit strange that in international week the Killie flag was being flown (and well by all accounts) by Josh Magennis who has been a real ‘Marmite’ player for the Killie support.

The big man cannot exactly be described as prolific and has struggled at times, especially with some of the poor service he has received, but in the last few weeks he has started to find the net on a more regular basis and the TV pundits and Northern Ireland fans have been waxing lyrical about him over the last few days.

So what has changed recently? Could it be the reintroduction of the league all-time top goal scorer to the squad? Boydie has not had much of a chance to shine either but if his contribution has been to help do a “Sammon” with Josh then it has been a worthwhile move for all concerned.

More good news breaking on the club capping ticket prices at £20 for the remainder of the season…leading by example, that should also be the Killie way, check the official website and killiefc.com for more details.

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