Saturday, 3 October 2015

Tommy - Unsung Hero

It is hard to believe that it is a couple of years since Young Kilmarnock won a " WestFM Cream of Ayrshire Award" and we are delighted that another of Kilmarnock's favourite sons, our own Tommy Adams, has literally followed in the footsteps of Susan and Bobby Russell and picked one up this year. The Killie Trust director, KFC employee, People's DJ (need we go on?) was nominated for the "Unsung Hero" award and emerged as the winner he is and now has a shiny new trophy to prove it!

We caught up with Tommy yesterday to congratulate him on his win and it was clear that he was still pretty taken aback by the sheer volume of support he received. We were going to do a wee interview but, with Tommy's permission we have decided instead just to share what the man himself put out on social media to his friends and all those people who supported his nomination...

"Well, where do I start? What an amazing experience the past two weeks have been since I received a call from Carolyn McAllister at WestFM to say I had been nominated for the Unsung Hero award. You could have knocked me down with a feather, seriously I couldn't believe it and then to make the final three - wow that was amazing! Then last night to go up on the stage when I was announced as the winner, believe me that was up there as the proudest moment of my life and I was thinking about my wee mum, she would have been so happy, as would my Dad and both would have been really proud of me receiving this award.

Everyone there last night was a winner in my eyes, all these people who do amazing things for others each and every day of their lives and I am truly honoured to have been amongst them. I am very humbled that so many people took the time to vote and support me. I want to thank every single one of you - the Kilmarnock FC fans, The Ayr Utd fans, people from all walks of life and supporters of various different clubs. We all have our own teams and when people come together like this it shows you what a wonderful game it is and I am so lucky to be involved in it with so many wonderful people to call friends.

I'd also like to thank the people of Ayr for allowing me to be your DJ! I always wanted to be a DJ when I was a kid listening to the radio and with all your support, over more years than I care to remember, I made it as "The People's DJ". This award may have been presented to me last night, but it is for every single one of you for all the support and the amazing life you have given me in football, as a DJ and as a friend. I must not forget to thank everyone at WestFM and West Sound for the amazing work they put in to these awards and for making so many people feel so very special, you are a credit to Ayrshire.

My sincerest thanks also goes to Kilmarnock FC Director John Kiltie for the faith he has shown in me over the past months - it's a pleasure to be back and to work with you on a daily basis John! Cheers to Rory McKenzie and Chris Johnston for their support last night and of course especially to my Laraine for being there for me over the past two years. So many many people to thank - I really don't want to miss anyone out because if it wasn't for you all I wouldn't have been standing on that stage as the proudest guy in Ayrshire."

We bet you McCardle was glad that Tommy didn't thank all those people on the night! Killie fan John Gall of Brownings the Bakers fame was at the ceremony and had the presence of mind to video Tommy accepting his award - and we have included it here so that everyone can share in Tommy's moment of triumph. Again...well done Tommy from everyone at, the KFCSA, Young Kilmarnock and the Killie Trust. You are an inspiration to us all and quite deservedly "unsung" no longer.

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