Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Season Diary - Week 12

One of the tabloids tried to stir up the Celtic fans last week with an ill-informed negative story about our ticket price reductions and I have to admit I was surprised they fell for the anti-fan rhetoric. Killie charge them less than their own club and less than most others in the league and are trying to do something positive, but of course if the facts don’t fit the agenda then they get ignored.

Even though cash turnstiles were reintroduced as well it would appear that there is far more than prices keeping Killie fans away and the four (yes, FOUR) fans in hospitality must have thought they were in the wrong venue. We did have to endure a forty-minute snoozefest but when we got going we really turned it on.

Our first goal was a real team effort with hot prospect Kiltie finishing clinically, the whole second half was good to watch and big Josh found the net yet again. Smith in for Hammy, Rory in as captain, is this some tactical nous we are seeing at last?

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