Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My Favourite XI - Ryan Aird

We asked the members of the KillieFC.com forums to tell us their all-time favourite Killie XI. If you'd like to tell us about your favourite XI, simply send it to us with a wee paragraph about each of your choices, a photo of you and your Twitter handle (if you use it): michael@killiefc.com

Here's Ryan Aird to take us through his world-beaters...

My team would be a 4-2-3-1 with the line up as follows:

GK: Gordon Marshall
My all time favourite Killie keeper. He was our number one just as I started to properly follow football and Killie. I don’t think I really remember him having a bad game, and he always looked solid. I was an aspiring goalkeeper growing up, so used to love watching his warm-ups with Colin Meldrum. I even remember pestering my mum to take me to JJB to buy a Nike baseball cap as I’d seen him wear one in a game the week before!

RB: Peter Canero
One of the first players that I was aware of that came through the Killie ranks and was an established first team player. I was gutted to see him go and even more gutted that his career didn’t live up to the expectation.

CB: Frederic Dindeleux
Arguably one of the greatest servants to our club, and always our ‘star man’ for the Panini sticker collection with his prize attribute ‘the long ball’. Canny beat that.

CB: Ray Montgomerie
The games in which I’ve seen Monty have mostly been on youtube or from the Scottish cup winning year and surrounding. The guy was a proper blood and snot type defender that we haven’t really replaced since. Great to see him as still part of the club. Proper Killie legend!

LB: Garry Hay
Killie legend and a total gent. The guy was loyal to his home team and was one of those players you’d rarely notice during a game, but was effective in his role at left back.

CM: Gary Holt
Another guy I was gutted to see go when he went to Norwich. Always loved the fact he has a Killie tattoo as well. I bugged him once during a warm up for a signature for my program, he obliged. Solid player who would compliment someone like Eremenko very well.

CM: Alexei Eremenko
One of the most gifted players I’ve ever seen in the stripes. The guy could find a pass anywhere on the pitch. With Holt as ball winner, I’d see Eremenko picking passes out from deep to the front 4.

RM: Ian Durrant
Signed for us after being released from Rangers after his injuries, I feel we got an awful lot out of Durrant and he served us well. I’d play him wide right to use his crossing and passing ability.

CAM: Tommy Burns
No words needed. Killie legend. Playing him in behind Paul Wright for me would be an amazing attack.

LM: Steven Naismith
Our highest ever transfer fee, and even though he may have left under not-so-nice circumstances, you cannot question his ability. I expect him to be one of the best players in the English championship next season. I’d have him bombing down the left and cutting inside to support Wright

ST: Paul Wright
The guy scored a hattrick at my first ever live game and the guy has been a legend since. I feel that he would be better as a lone striker than Boyd, and as my formation only allows for one striker, Bunion gets the nod.

What do you think? Let him know on Twitter: @killiepie1990

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