Monday, 27 June 2016

Statement on the KFCSA AGM

The KFCSA Committee would like to thank all Kilmarnock supporters who attended Saturday's AGM of the Association.

At the conclusion of our AGM, following the request from Club Secretary Michael Johnston to attend the meeting, a lengthy 'Question and Answer' session took place dealing with both football matters and also Mr Johnston's position at the club.

Mr Johnston answered numerous questions regarding the playing side of the club, contracts, season ticket sales and player movements this summer and then took questions regarding his own position and the possibility of a future EGM regarding a vote of no confidence in him continuing at the club.

He expressed his surprise at the reception he had received at the club's AGM in April this year and could not understand why the instigators of the proposed EGM were seeking such a meeting as it would not succeed in having him removed from the Board.

He gave a long protracted answer stating his achievements at the club during his tenure, both as Chairman and Director of the Club.

In a show of hands, only two supporters from those in attendance indicated their support of him, with the vast majority of the view that Mr. Johnston's continued presence at the club is a hindrance to Kilmarnock Football Club moving forward in a united, positive and progressive fashion.

Mr Johnston stated that, due to the Bank deal for debt reduction, even if he was offered £1 for every share he owns, he could not sell the shares and leave the club. He categorically stated he could not sell his shareholding until 2019 without significant tax consequences for the Club and he planned to continue as a Board member.

He stated that the Board were totally united in opposing any call for an EGM and confirmed that he was speaking on behalf of the other board members as the matter had been discussed at a Board meeting on Tuesday 21st June.

It is the fervent hope of the KFCSA Committee that an amicable solution can be found to this long running situation and that a potentially embarrassing EGM is not required, although this looks increasingly unlikely.

The Association will actively lobby the Board in this regard in the hope that the manager, players and supporters of our great Club can concentrate on the team winning football matches rather than being concerned about off-field activities.

Iain Sherry

KFCSA Secretary

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