Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Be The Boss - Alan Walker

Our “Boss” this week…and next week for that matter as there is obviously an international break…is moderator/match reporter/mathematician/friend of the (get in da choppa) stars and all round good guy Alan Walker. Without further ado, over to the man himself...

‘Member when Killie would have a go at the likes of Celtic? ‘Member when Rugby Park used to be a fortress? ‘Member when Killie were a club who regularly chapped on the door of Europe? Well ‘member no more with this insanely optimistic 4-4-2 line up to knock the league leaders down a peg or two.

Jamie MacDonald is the easiest pick of the bunch. A solid performer and one I hope to retain for many more years.

The defence was a tough decision. The easiest of the four would be Luke Hendrie at right-back. He has shown himself to be more than capable and not too shabby at coming forward either. At left-back, we have the choice of a hard-as-nails, young, home-grown talent, or an old, weathered, weak utility man. Greg Taylor gets the shout. In the centre of defence I have opted for Miles Addison and Jonny Burn. While Addison is slow, I reckon that the midfield (see later) will keep Celtic so busy they won’t even get a chance to test the big man’s pace. I feel that Burn has done well every time I have seen him, and so he gets the nod ahead of Ross County’s Boyd, who is a little error-prone for me. No, having a MOTM performance against Hamilton doesn’t hold much gravitas.

The midfield has been a problem for Killie all season. We are desperately missing two key individuals; a playmaker and a workhorse. I’ve dumped Dicker on to the bench as he turns slower than a Billy Bowie Tanker, and replaced him with Adam Frizzell, who did more in ten minutes against Hamilton than Dicker and the aforementioned Smith, combined. Beside Frizzell is Martin Smith, who was unfortunate to be dropped for his namesake in the last two games. Martin is more aggressive and with more to prove. On the wings we have Jordan Jones and Rory McKenzie. Jones is picked for his pace, which we will need to unlock the Celtic defence, and McKenzie is picked because I couldn’t think of anyone else to fill the right-wing role. I feel sorry for McKenzie this season, who is playing in roles not 100% suited to him and hence is being targeted by many of the support for ‘not doing anything’. However, watching him play it is obvious as to how much organising he does for the team. Captain material, but with a lot of pressure on his shoulders.

My 4-4-2 insanity is completed with Nathan Tyson and Soulimayne Coulibaly up front. Coulibaly is almost the first name on the team-sheet each week, and while he performs ‘no-bad’ on the wing, I’d like to see him up front to piss off the Celtic centre-backs. All I ask is that he is a tiny wee bit less greedy, when it really matters. Beside Coulibaly is Tyson, who had a great game against Hearts. While he hasn’t been scoring much, that hasn’t been due to poor shooting or positional awareness (see J. Magennis). Tyson is creating chances and with Coulibaly beside him, I’m positive there are goals in that partnership.

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