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Hippo 164 - Double Talk

Ever since I got involved with the fans groups I’ve been of the opinion that you should never believe a word that comes out the parasite’s mouth. He tries to be clever and basically does the same as most politicians…..he talks constant “double talk”. He doesn’t come out with blatant lies but he simply doesn’t tell the whole truth. You have to analyse every word that he says then try and work out what it really means…..NEVER take what he says at face value.

There’s no doubt he is under increasing pressure, he has aged 50 years in the last 10 and now he has stopped attending games. It’s important that the fans play their full part in keeping the pressure on and a bit of strong leadership and direction from the KFCSA is badly needed. It’s good to see that some of the papers are eventually picking up on the story, I’m sure if one investigative journalist took the time to delve into the whole thing he may find there is a story or two to be told.

Anyway we had to put our analytical skills to full use when the poison came out to reply to the QTS withdrawal threats in a recent newspaper article. We have put the full article below showing what MJ said followed by what we think he really means:

"I would consider my position if somebody wanted to buy my shares but nobody wants to buy my shares."
Nobody wants to buy my shares at the unreasonable price I want to sell at.

"These things start with talking and then it moves to a more formal written proposal. That hasn’t happened."
I have talked to several people about selling my shares but always piss them off with endless talking and delays that I believe are good negotiation tactics.

“I know there is a lot of inaccurate material being put into the public domain. There is no offer of investment in any formal sense and, likewise, no formal legal offer to buy my shares."
 I know that the offers that I have received have made their way into the press and I am pissed off about this so will now try to discredit those individuals.

"I’ve had talks with people – but nobody has made an offer capable of acceptance to buy my shares. That has happened a number of times over the years."
I will repeat myself because I want you to believe what I am saying. This was a technique made famous by Bill Clinton in the 90’s and used by Tony Blair extensively.

"I have talked to people and I have given them financial information."
I would like you to believe that I have gone out of my way to help investors complete due diligence but I will not reveal just how much or little I have helped.

"They speak about buying shares, either by way of new share capital in the company or buying my shares, but nothing of a formal nature comes out of it."
I am so difficult to deal with nothing ever gets to the formal process.

"It’s not unusual but it has been reported that I was made an offer of a large sum of money. There has been no such offer. Those are the two major issues."
I will repeat myself again. Perhaps I can go on the conference tour with Clinton and Blair.

"The question of me blocking new investment – and that is not true because there is no formal offer – and me turning down a substantial sum of money for my shares which is not true because there isn’t an offer of any formal or legal nature."
Clinton and Blair have nothing on me.

On the sponsorship position, Johnston said: "QTS have been fantastic sponsors and have assured me they will remain as sponsors until at least the end of the season. Hopefully, we can advance discussions with that and QTS will remain in place."
These are not the drones you are looking for!

And Johnston also defended himself against accusations that he is damaging the club. He said: "It’s extremely disappointing when you have invested 14 years in running the football club, during which time I eliminated £13million worth of debt that I inherited in 2005. I operated as a self-imposed administrator but did not charge as much as an actual administrator would have charged."
You should be eternally grateful that I only earned a decent living from this.

"I'm struggling to see where I personally have let the club down."
The fact that the club has gone backwards since March 2014 and the fact that I have significantly improved my personal position despite hindering the investment that could have delivered a much brighter financial position should be ignored.

"I was able to get the debt-restructuring deal across the line in March 2014. We then put in place a proper board of directors. It was four, then five, now three."
The bank were only willing to do a deal that reduced my shareholding. I created a very complex deal that I was willing to accept because it significantly benefited me. LGB through Grant Thornton spent considerable time talking to BB and other potential investors coming up with multiple options for me but I just wasn’t willing to accept them because I needed to protect my nest egg. Finally I found a deal that hit the jackpot.

"We’ve had a board of directors running the company since March 2014, not me on my own. The notion which is being put about that I’m running the show and making decisions to advance some agenda is untrue and unfounded."
Since March 2014 I have played a blinder. I have done a brilliant job of making the board impotent by being the most awkward person that ever sat on a board. I’ve seen off three of them and managed to make it look like they couldn’t hack it. I struggle to keep my underwear dry when I think about it.

"It’s disappointing but I’ve learned to deal with it as opposed to getting involved in slanging matches."
I think I may have leaked a little pee.

"I don’t want to do anything to harm the club. I got involved in 2005 because the alternative was the club going into administration which may have led to liquidation."
I need the club to have a pulse. I need my brown trousers when I think of losing my nest egg.

"So I saw the possibility of saving the club and that’s what I did. My objective was to eliminate the debt, keep the club in the top division and look after the employees."
I am more NAPM than Hippo, it’s ironic I know but the survival of this club means as much to me than him. It’s my pension.

Hippo says – we have listened to his nonsense for far too long and the translation above really does reflect his style of misleading fans whilst trying to stay "legal". With regards "blatant lies" the most disgusting was at a meeting I attended with several other fan reps. Alan Robertson had come to the Trust and explained cut backs were being made hence the fifty for the future campaign was started to save the youths. MJ said he had lied at the time and there had been no need to raise funds...what a lovely way to treat your loyal fans.

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