Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Smith Joins Trust Board!

Following the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 26th November, the Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society are delighted to announce that former Kilmarnock Football Club Director Russel Smith has joined the board.

Russel has worked within the retail and hospitality sectors for many years, both in the UK and internationally and his expertise and insight into this and the day-to-day running of a football club will be invaluable to the Trust going forward, as well as offering them a significant boost to their long-term goal of achieving fan representation at the club.

Jim Thomson, Chairman of the Killie Trust, said: “We are delighted that someone of Russel’s standing has agreed to join our Board. After over a decade of campaigns and fundraisers to help both the club and the community, we feel that the Trust in Killie initiative is the most important yet.”

“Having someone with Russel’s experience on board is going to give us a real boost and complement the expertise we already have at our disposal. We believe that Killie fans will see this as a real positive and get behind the initiative when it launches, hopefully early in the new year. Meanwhile, I would urge all our fans to take the first step and join the Trust now, a strong membership is vital to the club’s future.”

Russel spoke at length about his long-term vision for the football club when he talked and took questions at the Trust’s AGM, which ran concurrently with the KFC Supporters’ Association SGM, at which a change of their constitution was passed. He is a passionate individual with a great love of the club and will fit in well among the Trust’s other committed board members.

He said: “I am privileged to join the board of the Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society at what I believe is a pivotal moment for both the Killie Trust and Kilmarnock Football Club. I hope to be able to make a valuable contribution to what is already an impressive team effort.”

“With fan representation on the board now a near-term reality rather than a distant dream, it is a clear demonstration that all parties in the Kilmarnock story can hold hands together, break old barriers and build new ground; which may well have seemed improbable or unlikely in the past.”

“Together, with the right mindset and the belief we can be better and stronger as one, we can all play our part in building a bright future for our club and our community. I wholeheartedly support the proposed ‘Trust in Killie’ initiative to increase fan ownership and fan representation on the board of Directors of our club.”

A lifelong Killie fan, Russel was born a mere stone’s throw from the club’s home at Rugby Park and has taken an active involvement in Kilmarnock Football Club regardless of where his career has taken him. He joined the Kilmarnock FC board as a director in March 2014 and stepped down in October 2016.

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