Wednesday, 21 March 2018

2017-18 Diary Week 33

We can’t win them all, but we are not far off it!

Aberdeen knocked us out of the Scottish in the replay last week but it took 210 minutes and the lottery of penalties for the second best team in the country to get past us…we are nobody’s mugs.

Someone should have told the bookies that as the Killie army bashed them, and Glasgow’s newest team, at the weekend.

Unfortunately I had to miss this one out as I had something else on, but I did manage to find a bar in Philadelphia frequented by exiled Bears to watch the match.

I was welcomed with open arms at 10am for a few sherbets, come the end of the game though I don’t think I was as popular and made a hasty exit.

Swings and roundabouts…being Killie in Philly on St Patrick’s Day, I didn’t have to buy a drink in any of the many Irish pubs all day!

Scottish football has now deemed us unworthy of such a good manager and will henceforth campaign to get him appointed anywhere but at Killie to try and restore the ‘natural order’.

Get it up the lot of them!

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