Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Scottish Media Agenda

Before I start this article, this is not a paranoid Celtic-esque rant. Many cold hard facts that the Scottish media are biased and out to help Glasgow’s ugly sisters get what they want.

Supporting your team isn’t always easy. My team Kilmarnock have been difficult to watch in the past 5 or so years under Locke, Johnston and McCulloch. Since our cup win under Kenny Shiels and then the strange sacking of him, we have struggled to really make any progress. Dwindling crowds and a resentment against Michael Johnston left the club on its knees.

Scraping by with 3,000 hardy souls going to Rugby Park out of blind loyalty. At some games I wish I had been blind temporarily because of the inept performances we were dishing out. Until the arrival of Steve Clarke in October and the incredible turnaround we have had. Fantastic performances, togetherness again, pride, belief, resilience and confidence. The club is soaring at the moment.

Like many other clubs fans in Scotland out with the Glasgow arse cheeks, you get your highs and lows. Relegation threatens many of the bottom six teams year in year out. Big clubs like the Edinburgh two have gone down and rebuilt themselves and achieved a Scottish cup win and two new fantastic stands.

Scottish and League cup wins in the last seven years or so for Inverness, Ross County, Kilmarnock, St Mirren, St Johnstone, Aberdeen and Hibernian. These days, especially for the smaller teams among that list, will go down in history as one of biggest achievements ever at their clubs. Proving that Scottish football can live without a strong Rangers and certainly gave the rest of the country a great boost.

Recently in the press and continuing at the minute is the praise of Steve Clarke and the turnaround he has created at my club. Whilst it is totally deserved and great coverage for the club, the press based mostly in Glasgow have started their own agenda to brainwash most Rangers supporters into the appointment of Steve Clarke as next Rangers manager. Alex Rae a little hun goblin and closet bear Chick Young pushing his ideas into every maniac stupid enough to believe it.

This is a problem for me personally as I am loving life under Steve Clarke although I know one day he will inevitably go back down south and do well. It is also a problem for Murty who is currently still in the job and these comments are totally undermining him as Rangers manager. Clarke has said quite clearly he doesn’t want to move to another Scottish club and is here for a project for a few years.

The media are good at saying Scotland’s game needs to be more competitive, as it is a whitewash every year for the old firm, whilst unsettling every other teams manager or player in country when they have any success.

Jordan Jones is flying this season and doing really well, so our media are desperate for him to sign for Rangers. Rangers are bidding £80 and a packet of Revels and Kilmarnock are supposed to bend over backwards to accept it. No way! They were even trying to fabricate a story how Middlesbrough supporting Jordan supported Rangers as a kid to appease the knuckle-draggers on sites like Follow Follow in case the slight suggestion he’s a Celtic man comes out.

Kilmarnock are doing well and we as fans are loving it. Clarke is enjoying it and Bowie has come out and told the press to get to France. Not the first time the press in Scotland create an agenda to force through moves. McInnes earlier in the season turning down Rangers was glorious. Clarke and Jones also turning them down at Christmas time also. Kilmarnock pumping them twice in a row absolutely priceless. If we beat them again I think we get to keep them.

Scottish media should be bloody ashamed of themselves. Support Kilmarnock’s revival for the good of Scottish football. Don’t try pick us apart at the first chance you get. The entitled nature of old firm fans is sickening. It is a big two fingers to them that Clarke is still here.

Scottish football is raging that we are doing well and I am loving it. Hopefully other teams out with the old firm can also become as successful as we have been in recent months. A great feeling. I feel every Killie fans pain when I hear these individuals on the radio plotting on how to upset this manager or player so they go to old firm.

In conclusion, support the underdog and don’t accept the nonsense these so called experts are saying. Congrats Billy Bowie for putting them in their place.

Let’s go for Europe

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