Saturday, 7 November 2015

Heat on Killie

We thought that this picture was worth sharing, Paul Heaton of Housemartins and Beautiful South fame embraces the might of Ayrshire Killie! He also gave an honourable mention to the Killie Pie at his gig with the talented Jaqui Abbott in the Grand Hall last night.

It was a good night for music in Kilmarnock all round yesterday with the Bellfield Tavern and Bakers Nite Club also hosting events. Unbelievably the Tavern had the original Rezillos on offer, backed by The Coffins and Killie fan Davie Orr's Outstandifold and the Wettygrippers...with The Vigo Thieves appearing at the John Finnie Street venue Bakers.

It has been a tough time for our town of late, especially in regards the news that there will be 170 job losses at Mahle, so it is nice to see that at least some things are on the up and that Killie is not dead and buried yet. In fact we have also been nominated for a SURF award...enter stage left the Beach Boys?

Our Provost Jim Todd said: "Kilmarnock has been shortlisted for a SURF award for the Most Improved Large Town in Scotland. This is great news for the town. It recognises all hard work undertaken by the many employees, residents, businesses and partner organisations who have contributed to the renovation and regeneration of the town centre over the years. We are promoting the town on our corporate social media channels - Facebook and Twitter. If you want to get behind this nomination as demonstration of the pride, love and commitment that exists for East Ayrshire’s largest town, please feel free to share, like and retweet from your own personal social media account."

That is what we are doing, we are proud of Kilmarnock as a town and a community, not just our football team. Why settle for just being #1 in Ayrshire?

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