Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Kerby - The Book

There is nothing we like more than being able to give one of our own a wee helping hand if we can and we have always been happy to promote any Killie fan's venture or indeed any local business. We previously gave the book 'Kerby' by Graeme 'Dillinger' Johnston a push on the Kickback Forums and we are spreading the net a bit wider now as he is apparently on the verge of getting into the Amazon top seller list for his hilarious first outing.

So who is he? The blurb says "Graeme Johnston failed to grow up in Ayrshire, Scotland. Having not yet matured into a proper adult, he thought it would be funny to write about the stupid things he got up to as a child: His first book KERBY: Funny tales from a 1990's Scottish childhood was the result. Graeme plans to write a follow-up, though is constantly distracted from doing so by a little 2 year old version of himself who calls him 'Daddy' and demands episode after episode of Peppa Pig".

You can buy the ebook or paperback version of the book HERE

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