Friday, 20 November 2015

Meeting Minutes

At the end of October, some members of the KFCSA Committee met Club Chairman Jim Mann and fellow director Russel Smith. In attendance for us were James Morrison, Chris Kyle , Jim Thomson, Allen Kyle and Iain Sherry. The meeting was constructive and the minutes are as follows:

The chairman stated that the new  ticketing system may have been brought in too quickly and that the reduced price will hopefully encourage lapsed fans to return to games. He also recognised that results are also a large factor in supporters returning.

The new pricing structure was not helped by poor journalism by a national paper who did not research the story properly. On the BBC "Cost of Football" website Kilmarnock were found to be one of the best value for money clubs in Scotland. It was pointed out that Kilmarnock need to be more pro active in "blowing their own trumpet" in the press and media.

Priti Trivedi is now the General Manager of the football club.

Negotiations are ongoing with the Trust with regard to them being more involved and getting a fan on the board and they were the only potential investor at the moment.

KFCSA have offered to help as much as possible to facilitate interviews for both and the club's website; both Jim and Russel were keen to work towards a more collaborative approach.

It is hoped that surrounding villages will be allocated specific games where the club will be go into  that community and generate interest for that game from schools clubs etc .

Talks are ongoing with players who are out of contract but modern football players are always keen to keep their options open. In future, the club hope to tie up players before they enter the last year of there contract. The club does have a limited budget but players should look at the likes of the two Hamilton players and Steven Naismith who benefited from developing playing first team football.

The promoters of the Rod Stewart concert have insurance if the pitch was to be damaged by hosting the concert.

The chairman stated that the football club made money from the Park Suite and that following his statement bookings have started to rise again. This revenue is really important for the club going forward. The club are looking to revamp hospitality with various options.

KFCSA were asked if we would try and gauge what fans will be prepared to pay for levels of hospitality. This was agreed and KFCSA Chairman, James Morrison, said that at the quiz night on Monday he would try and see what amounts fans would be willing to pay for an altered product.

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