Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Season Diary - Week 15

Looks like the players will not be getting as many days off as anticipated during yet another (needless) international break.

We got off to a great when Smith hit the opener within two minutes of kick off – but Saints proved too strong in the end and after scoring twice managed to hold on to their lead despite intense pressure from a Killie in all-out-attack mode at the end.

We can only hope that they put the hours in the same way they did during the last break and that Celtic and Partick pay the price. Maybe a bit of wishful thinking there!

With a blank fixture list this week would it not have made sense to schedule a reserve match at the Theatre of Pies?

It would give all us saddos something to do on Saturday afternoon and allow people who normally can’t make development league games a chance to see our up and coming players…plus it would probably put a quid or two in the coffers and to be honest we are desperately strapped for cash.

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