Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Be The Boss - Craig Benson

It's the games we refused to plan for and we never penciled anyone in to cover them so the sad duty of taking over the team for Thursday and Sunday are site staff and long time member Craig Benson and the newest co-publisher of KillieFC.com, Michael Park.

First up is CB, dubbed the Forum Fuhrer for his diligence in enforcing the now redundant ten page rule, he is a hero of the masses as the moderator who finally put Brianstorm back in his box (we miss him really). Craig has helped out with the website since back in the day and has also done a lot of work for the Killie Trust on social media, can he pick a team though?

First legs are always boring pieces of garbage & mine will be no different. Containment is the name of the game. Keep it tight, perhaps snatch a goal, bring them back home & give them a good old fashioned horsing.

You can't not pick Jamie Mac.  The best keeper in the league, he's certainly had plenty of practice. Roundly rubbished by the Falkirk fans, he'll be looking to get it up them by keeping a clean sheet.

Right (Wing) Back
 Can I pick Super Gus? [eh...no] I better take Dylan Kerr out from LB too then! It's Lee Hodson for me. No mucking about. A right back at right back. We've spent years crying out for a half decent one; and I'm not wasting him by sticking him on the left. Not feart of getting up the park to help us going forward, without neglecting his defensive duties.

Centre Back
And there will be 3 of them: Miles Addison. A tank. Will keep Lee Miller's gas at a peep. The irresistible force versus the immovable object. Lee 'Peggy' Ashcroft (ask your granny), I know what you're thinking, but in a back three I think he'll shine, and, he has been known to pitch in with the odd goal. Not had one for a bit, so he's well overdue [this is getting popular]. Conrad Balatoni, with Captain Fantastic still crocked, CB's CB 3 is CB (That sort of make sense in my head). Anyway, the third rock upon which the Falkirk attack will flounder. Hopefully Lee McCulloch has been prepping the defence like he did at Ibrox in the cup.

Left (Wing) Back

I'm going to have a punt on Greg Taylor. He will be buzzing after his exploits against the Arabs. One of the few to get pass marks. Granted, more attack minded, that's why it's wingbacks I'm going with. Should the chance present itself to get up and at them, Greg wont be backwards in coming forwards.

Defensive Midfield

Mark 'Scarlett' O'Hara [likes his nicknames does CB] The White Patrick Vieira will be just that. Break up Falkirk's play before it gets to the defence. With the added bonus of, if things start going pear shaped, of being a sixth body in defence.

Central Midfield

Gary Dicker, Julien Faubert & Craig Slater. It was tough leaving out the likes of Splaine, Higgy & Frizzell, but remember, we're going for containment here. Bore you to tears and take them back home with everything to play for.

That just leaves 1 space left, and Greg, I hope you've got your running shoes with you. Young Kiltie will have the thankless task of doing for us, what Vardy does for Leicester. Always be available for an out ball. And run like you stole it, when you get it. With the way I'd set about this first leg. He'll sleep well after this 90 minutes.

So, there you have it. Keep them out & keep it alive for the second leg, and with a bench full of Boyds, Splaines, Frizzells & Magennises, we'd still have the ability to go four sheets to the wind & go for it, if things go wrong. Which they won't. No. Never. Ever...

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