Monday, 2 May 2016

Season Diary - Week 40

Saturday was one of those days that makes all the crap days bearable.

Killie horsed the Accies (we’re coming for you) and dragged them to within four points with nine still to play for; the Jags are actually within reach now as well and we can bring them to within three points if we beat them this week in a game which the club are allowing season ticket holders to bring a friend for a tenner and under 16’s free.

Boyd sported the captain’s arm band and led by example, which saw young Kiltie back to his best with a brace out of nothing.

We carried a bit of luck for a change but Hamilton deserved nada and the stadium announcer gave the man of the match award to no one; I’m giving it to our whole squad, fans included.

The support was vociferous, getting behind the team and slaughtering director Michael Johnston, and despite being told to concentrate on the football, it didn’t seem to do any harm…quite the opposite…the time for faint hearts and poor leadership is over.

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