Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Season Diary - Week 43

This is an extra season diary as the Scotsman column has finished for the season but it didn’t quite include our dramatic end to the season which I am still trying to work out is an insult or what we deserve for being mince all season. One bonus is that I am not restricted to 150(ish) words, secondly I will be still contributing to the Premiership Fanzone next season and lastly I can say what I like with no danger of it being edited out! Last Thursday was a real kick in the gonads in terms of possession over result. The fans were immense and we missed some glaring chances, only to defend like big girls’ blouses in injury time and concede a goal. All was not lost of course as it was only half time in the tie with 90 minutes still to play at the Theatre of Sighs. Why did that not fill me full of hope?

As we now know we had little to worry about as the fans of both teams got right behind the players from the get go and the home crowd were stunned but delighted as we reversed the deficit within seven minutes of kick off. Was anyone expecting that? It was good to see Lee Clark had opted to play Hodson in his favoured right back position and trusted young Taylor on the left. For me the crucial difference though was playing Kiltie (who was on fire, their defence was terrified) behind Boyd because, as anyone who reads this column every week will confirm, I have been saying since the last time Boyd was at the club that Greg playing off the striker was a combination that would bear goals…and the goals were forthcoming. Magennis on the right was also instrumental in the result, which is worth remembering when he comes back from the Euros.

Big Josh it would appear will be one of the few who are actually coming back next season as Clarkie swung the axe this week in true Game of Thrones style. We’d be lucky to pull together a fives or sevens side if the season started next week, so we can expect to see a host of new faces come the League Cup fixtures in July. I would hope that two of said faces would be Tank Addison and possibly Hodson what with his parent club being relegated, but that will be down to the persuasiveness of the gaffer as I can’t imagine many would like to go through another season like this one! In the end there were mass celebrations and unbridled joy…but it was relief more than anything and we should have never been in that position in the first place had we changed manager sooner.

The board witnessed one of the stormiest AGM’s since the bad old days and it must surely be clear to the majority of them now that if they want thing to ever turn around they have to get Michael Johnston to step down and stay clear of the club. Any good he may have ever done is tarnished by the sheer length of the ‘naughty list’ that has been doing the rounds on the forums and social media for the last couple of years and his very presence is toxic and keeping fans and sponsors/investors away. Shareholders are calling for an EGM to have him removed for the board but at the end of the day it is Billy Bowie who will have to decide what is more important, his working relationship with his partner in the hotel the club used to own or the very future of the club itself.

Here's to next season then #WeAreKillie

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