Friday, 30 December 2016

Be The Boss - Ryan Aird

Today's boss is exile Ryan "bute-killiefan" Aird who may live far away but he is active on the Kickback forums and on Killie social media platforms. Without further ado...

Please forgive my team as I haven't seen the team play live since moving to Canada in 2014. I catch whatever game I can live, and always watch the highlights on YouTube regardless of the score!

Playing a 3-5-2 to shake things up as we are short on options and on a slump just now. I'm going full on Football Manager just now.

Jamie MacDonald - First name on the team sheet for me, and has been since he signed.

Josh Webb - Hoping that he will make the most of absences in our defence currently.
Will Boyle - Of our current options, he is probably the most senior, so I'd put him in the middle of our back three.
Iain Wilson - Youngster who is also looking to impress in the absence of Boyd, Addison et al.

Greg Taylor - I feel that with his desire and energy, he would be a good option to run his legs out up and down the right side. He has a bright future and I hope he stays at Killie for a while yet.

Steven Smith - The last full game I watched was the game against Rangers (1-1) and I was impressed with his stamina. His booking killed the game for him that day, which was a shame.

Gary Dicker - Probably our strongest asset in an otherwise fairly weak midfield. I'd be relying on him being the link-up between defence and midfield as well as the guy breaking up play and playing passes forward.

Adam Frizzell - My idea is that with Dicker providing defensive cover, my two CM's will be free to go forward and be more attacking. Frizzell is a good option to do that.
Charlee Adams - Been fairly quiet since joining us on loan. Waiting for him to contribute with goals or assists. I believe that him and Frizzell would have the ability to add this to their game.

Souleymane Coulibaly - This season's star man and a great piece of business by Lee Clark. He has the ability to create something out of nothing and is a good option partnered with Tyson.
Nathan Tyson - for someone in the twilight years of his career, Tyson has the legs and stamina to make trouble for defenders, I'd trust him and Coulibaly to torment the Thistle defence all day.

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