Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Season Diary - Week 21

As I write this I am sitting on the Irvine Valley reunion bus on the way to Tynecastle, I think this is known as a last minute submission.

Last week was another one of those days, we could have played all day and not scored.

St Johnstone were no great shakes either but they got a lucky break at a corner and duly dispatched it into the net, which sadly wasn't something we were going to do.

In my humble opinion our big problem seems to be a lack of creativity in midfield, we really miss young Kiltie.

When Dicker plays we tend to do okay, but when he's out of sorts we struggle, and I'm not sure that being partnered with Smith helps him.

I'm also in favour of Coulibaly being moved into the middle and Tyson with his pace going wide right, if we are sticking with Clark's favoured formation.

Hope you all had a good Christmas, and let's hope for a Killie New Year.

*The column has gone to press now and we've since been well and truly gubbed by Hearts, there is no other way to look at it.

Over 700 Killie fans travelled to sell out the away end, such a shame the players never turned up.

The Partick game is now pretty important if we want to stay in the pack, using players out of position is not working for us, we better hope that Hendrie comes back for a kick off!

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