Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Trust Welcome Initiative

The Killie Trust have been operating a "Welcome Initiative" since the start of the season and we are now looking for more people to take part. The idea for the initiative was brought to the us by a Killie fan, who is a long-time resident of the United States and wanted to encourage more families to attend matches at Rugby Park; so we put our heads together and came up with a plan.

The plan was quite simple, target potential families who don't currently go to games and offer them the chance to do so - free gratis - and hope that they liked it enough to want to come back of their own volition. This was made possible by our magnanimous exile who unbelievably offered to underwrite all costs for the full season. We would love to be able to tell you his name but his generosity is only surpassed by his modesty and he wishes to remain anonymous.

Killie fans...wha's like us?

So to the matter in hand; we have managed to supply match tickets for two adults and two kids, plus vouchers for a pie and a hot drink each, to every home league match this season. Finding suitable recipients is a lot more difficult than you would imagine though, so that is why we are reaching out to you now. If you, or someone you know, fall into any of the following categories, then why not get in touch and let us know, are you...

New to the area and have never been to see Kilmarnock FC?

A lapsed supporter who can't justify the cost now?

Not particularly a football fan but are looking for a new family activity?

Fed up with bigotry and want to support your local team?

Everyone who has taken advantage of this altruistic offer has had a great day out and from what we hear, quite a few have been back. This is not a charity thing, its a genuine effort to entice fans back to Rugby Park and it is all paid for already so we want to make sure that we get a family along to every fixture. Email KillieFC.com@gmail.com if you are interested, or know of someone else who would be and we will try and arrange a mutually agreeable date

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