Monday, 12 December 2016

Season Diary - Week 19

There is nothing positive I can say about the trip to Aberdeen.

Baa’d place to have to travel to midweek, baa’d weather, baa’d result…sorry, had to be done.

I may have jinxed us talking about how solid our defence was becoming last week, so I was grateful that we managed to get another clean sheet come the Saturday.

Let’s be honest and say it was not a goalless draw that flattered anyone, the statistics show that we both had plenty of shots but in this case that never made it much of a spectacle.

Both teams struggled to put anything cohesive together and the point each earned was for trying to bore the other side into submission.

Bet you can’t wait until next week now!

Ironically I think we could be in for a good game, our home form is improving and Inverness won’t sit in.

Let Nancy Johnston have it on the 18th and 69th minutes and get right behind Lee’s boys for the rest.

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