Monday, 13 February 2017

KFCSA Season Ticket Survey

On 17th December 2016, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of KFCSA handed over a petition to Kilmarnock Football Club directors Billy Bowie and John Kiltie; the petition contained almost 3000 signatures from Killie fans seeking the removal of former Club Chairman Michael Johnston from the Club Board.

The Association has now received an acknowledgement of the petition and has been asked to supply some further details and information for consideration. The Committee will report on developments.

Following the SGM of the Association on 26th November the Committee have been investigating whether an Escrow account (into which fans could deposit season ticket money) would be feasible and manageable.

It was envisaged that fans could pay into such account to demonstrate to the Club their willingness to purchase a season ticket providing Michael Johnston was not on the Club Board.

The Committee's enquiries indicate that the operation of such an Escrow account would be extremely difficult for a number of financial compliance, legal and operational reasons. The Money Laundering regulations alone would create issues considering the anticipated numbers of people who would be paying and depositing funds.

Whilst checks, enquiries and considerations will continue the Committee feel that, given time constraints, other methods of progressing the matter should be pursued.

Accordingly, the Committee of KFCSA is now looking to clarify the likely number of:

A. Existing season ticket holders who would support a season ticket boycott if Mr. Johnston continues on the Board

B. Those non-season ticket holders who would purchase one if Mr. Johnston was no longer part of the Board.


Iain Sherry 


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