Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Season Diary - Week 29

Another week, another manager! Farewell Lee Clark and good luck to Lee McCulloch who has taken the job in the interim.

It is easy to look back and say that substitutions on Sunday cost us the game, but on paper replacing your injured defensive midfielder with an even better one and bringing a solid centre back in to shore up the defence to close out the game didn’t seem that nuts.

The game of course is not played on paper and it turned out that the defender wasn’t so solid and changing the back four was a mistake, such is life, you take your punishment and move on.

Technically, given the thrashing they gave Motherwell only days previous, it wasn’t the hammering many predicted, but that didn’t dampen the rage at the end of the game.

Controversially I think that Woodman was partly to blame for their first goal, he should have moved to the ball and given a shout, that said, there was no shout so Addison should have blootered it out of the park immediately, sorry Tank, that one’s ultimately on you.

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