Monday, 27 February 2017

Be The Boss - Andrew Partridge

This week's "Boss" is Andrew Partridge whom we don't really know anything about - so we'll let him tell you himself! "I’m a 17 year old secondary school student from Stewarton Academy. I’ve been a season ticket holder at Rugby Park for just under ten years or so and I’m often seen depressed and tearing my hair out in the Frank Beattie Stand." There you have it over to his team selection and tactics for Saturday's rearranged match...

This week we’re coming up against lacklustre Motherwell whose defence has been nothing short of hopeless lately, 17 goals against in the past four games? Eek. This needs exploited, pace on the flanks with deadeye Boyd in the middle will cause ‘Well a lot of trouble. After a good performance in Perth, the boys should be champing at the bit for this weekend.


Jamie MacDonald - Absolutely nothing against Woodman, I just feel MacDonald deserves a chance to show us what he’s got. He’ll be determined to have a good performance to show Lee how class a ‘keeper he is. And anyway, Motherwell don’t seem to be too much of a threat in recent weeks so we should be fine.

Gary Dicker – Need an explanation? Team would fall apart without him.

Kristoffer Ajer – Works very well next to Dicker. His height makes him effective in the air and his long stride and pace make him difficult to beat on the ball. Been excellent for us so far. Scary but exciting when he ventures forward.

Scott Boyd – The last of my defensive trio. Going for experience with this one.

Rory McKenzie - I’m pretty quick to get on his back, especially after some of his woeful outside of the box shooting, but he has a very high work rate, is very quick and has started scoring more often. Should be able to supply the ball to Tyson or cut inside to have a pop at goal effectively.

Stevie Smith – Very capable when the opposition is going forward and will be key to stopping Motherwell getting to our back three through the middle. Will link up well with McKenzie going forward.

Sean Longstaff – In addition to being pretty fast, Sean has a high work rate and presses the opposition well, created the chance for McKenzie’s wonder goal against St Johnstone by pressing their keeper. He also seems very confident going forward, and should be able to create some chances for himself and Boyd.

Jordan Jones – Now, I’m a big fan of JJ, it just hasn’t clicked completely for him yet I think. Reminds me slightly of Tope Obadeyi. Mainly there for pace and to take on his man. A lot of potential in my opinion.

Nathan Tyson – PACE!!! And he has to score eventually, right? He doesn’t seem great at holding up the ball, so hopefully this will force him to play facing the goal where he can utilise his quickness.

Cal Roberts – Another fast one. Fantastic for taking on his man and whipping in crosses to an awaiting Kris Boyd, or alternatively cutting inside. So much potential.

Kris Boyd – He shouldn’t have to work too hard in this formation. He’ll have to hold the ball up every so often and offload it to Tyson or Roberts, or play it back to the centre midfielders. This should allow him to get into his poaching positions and bag some goals.

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