Monday, 27 February 2017

Season Diary - Week 30

Lessons were learned from last week’s narrow defeat and we started the game with what looked to me to be our best XI (minus Kiltie) I have seen all season.

Some sublime vision from McKenzie and a great cross from Taylor feeding the Fish saw all three points come home to Ayrshire…but it was a real team performance and a well-deserved win.

This if course starts the call from some corners for Lee McCulloch to be named boss straight away, before someone else comes in and nabs him, and some saying the opposite, because of his associations with that new team from Glasgow.

I’m definitely sitting on the fence on this one!

I think he more than deserves the chance, but there should be caution on both sides as there is no need to rush an appointment.

Lee (and Peter) has already shown loyalty to the club, maybe he needs to have a long think about whether he wants his first full time managerial gig having that pariah Nancy as his boss!

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