Thursday, 20 August 2015

Don't Panic!'s not just you.

The initial phase of the new website launch has now happened and as expected there are going to be a few glitches that we will need to clear up. As you can see there are still a lot of areas in all the sections of the website that are unpopulated...and that will remain the case until we get around to backfilling them from the Legacy Websites which are still running in the background, or at least they will be!

Meanwhile, it looks like the ever popular Killie Kickback forums will be getting some much needed respite, and we may have to void the Prediction League for this week if the input page is not available by end of play Friday. I am sure you will agree that the new website looks a lot better and offers Killie fans a lot more than the previous incarnations...and we hope to keep adding to that with your help.

Please make use of some of the downtime to go through the new site and see where everything is (or where it is going to be) and let us know if you can see anything you think we have missed or would like to join the team and contribute to the site restoration and expansion. Also go and have a look at the Official website as there is plenty going on there as well. Here's to a new improved season on and off the park and hopefully that will start with a win on Saturday over County.

Your Website Team
(too many to mention!)

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